STEMs: A Big Hiring Trend for 2014


With 2013 over and gone, human resources professionals are already off the races with new – and some of the same – challenges they face in 2014.  Although benefits administrators have a lot of work to do to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, the new healthcare law isn’t their only focus.  One of the biggest challenges in 2014?  This one works in your favor, STEMs.  It’s finding job candidates with the science, technological, engineering, or mathematical (STEM) skills to fill jobs.  The shortage of STEM graduates and professionals continues, making those who possess these skills some of the most in-demand workers in 2014.  So while hiring may be slow in other industries, yours is quickly growing.  In fact, according to the Career Builder 2014 U.S. Job Forecast, one in four employers’ plans to create jobs in these areas during 2014.


This means recruiters who specialize in these fields are also in demand.  Since these types of jobs are often project-oriented, and because many candidates in these industries actually prefer contract staffing for its flexibility, work-life balance, and higher hourly rate, contract staffing for STEMS continues to grow as well.


Wisely, educators are encouraging more students with the appropriate strengths to pursue fields in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but of course their efforts won’t pay off for a few years.

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