Get Skilled Workers, During a Skills Gap

We’ve discussed that in 2014, technical skills continue to be in high demand.  What recruiters and staffing agencies as well as hiring companies have known for years, has now become undeniable to the rest of the country, so much so that even Washington feels inclined to task itself with taking steps to mend the gap.

From educators encouraging technologically inclined students to pursue those paths, to human resource professionals tirelessly recruiting those with engineering, accounting, finance, and information technology skills, we’re all doing our best to get these workers to the companies that need them.

In the meantime – what can hiring companies do when skilled workers are hard to find?

According to Execu-Search CEO Ed Fleichman in the company’s 2014 Regional Hiring Outlook Report, as reported by Forbes, companies are doing the following – and you can, too.

1. Offer more.  Forced to compete for scarce talent, the company with the sweetest deal wins.

2. Count soft skills.  When exact fits are like a needle in a haystack, look for evidence of analytical and problem solving, team playing, intrinsic motivation, and communication skills.  A talented candidate with these soft skills can be trained, quickly.

3. Provide training.  Going along with #2, companies are implementing internal programs for training.  This approach is smart because of how rapidly technologies change.  Companies know their needs best, can adjust their training accordingly, and tweak it to suit their exact needs more nimbly than can an educational institution.

This infographic, courtesy of Forbes, provides an interesting snapshot of trends affecting technical professionals as well as temporary staffing.


Forbes - Hiring Trends

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