Recruiting In-Demand Talent: Three Tactics to Avoid

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We talked about some things hiring companies can do to recruit technical employees. Maybe it’s a good idea to mention a few mistakes to avoid, as well.

Don’t make these hiring mistakes.

1. Don’t take the approach of a broad, large-volume search.  Increasing the number of recruiters searching for your employee doesn’t necessarily increase your odds of finding him or her, and here’s why.  Sought-after workers are easily turned off by a large volume of inquiries, versus a smaller number of highly targeted ones.  Instead, enlist the help of highly specialized recruiters who already have relationships with these workers.  A highly targeted, quality search yields better results every time.

2. Don’t be inflexible.  Because these workers are so in demand, you may need to adjust some of your own demands where you can.  Can you teach a talented worker a simple skill he doesn’t possess, if he possesses the majority required for the job and demonstrates the ability to learn quickly?  Allow her to work remotely if she’s not close to your office?   Don’t settle, but you may need to be willing to adjust your expectations to get the right worker who will accomplish what he needs to accomplish – which is the bottom line anyway, right?

3. Don’t forget to listen to their needs.  Don’t go about your candidate search in broadcast mode: “Here we are and here’s why you should join us!”  Instead, gather insight about what these workers are looking for. Talk to potential hires – or recruiters who are familiar with them – listen to their needs, and shape your offers accordingly.

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