No Shortage of People or Jobs, Just a Shortage of Matches

wpid-recruitment-lead4Despite a sea of open positions and job seekers, news of a skills gap continues, across seas.  In British Columbia, a lack of skilled labor has temporarily halted a multi-billion dollar engineering project.  The Canadian government has recently come under fire from the Canadian Employee Relocation Council for proposing changes to its Temporary Foreign Worker Program in an effort to limit hires from abroad. Canada’s unemployment rate is seven percent.

In Japan, rebuilding after the 2011 tsunami continues, but not as quickly as it might without an understandably over-stretched construction industry and resulting skilled worker shortage.  Japan is expanding their foreign labor use, but training workers for skilled positions can take as many as 10 years.

And all over the world, IT plays a more crucial role in business success than ever.

Employers face fierce competition for tech professionals, and positions go unfilled because employers can’t find – or attract – the right talent. Though according to this article, growing market sensibilities should help alleviate some of the partially self-inflicted IT staffing crunch.

In other news, according to the Labor Department’s February jobs report, professional services, like engineering, grew by 79,000 after two consecutive months of relatively slow hiring.  This category of workers has grown the fastest since the Great Recession ended in mid-2009. One third of those jobs were temporary.

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