Happy Mother’s Day


We hope all the mothers out there enjoyed a great Mother’s Day. It’s both deeply rewarding and at times challenging to be a mother today. Whether you stay home full-time with your kids, work part-time, or juggle a full-time job and motherhood, it seems all of us are looking for balance.

Clearly, a mother’s perspective is needed and valued in the workforce today. Companies are finally catching on to the fact that if we want the best talent, we’ve got to do our part to make it possible for mom’s to succeed at their careers and at home. That means creating a work environment conducive to family, including (in many cases) flexible hours, the option to work from home, maternity leave, and on-site daycare.

In fact, companies are even reaching out to moms who’ve taken years off from finance, banking, business, and other careers to stay home with their young children, in an effort to woo them back to the workforce. For example, tech giants Google and Microsoft have partnered with the startup ReacHire, to refresh moms’ skills and place them in four -to six-month paid assignments.

The U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy has collaborated with the White House Council on Women and Girls to help bridge the tech talent gap with women, by “clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

What’s most important is that women have the tools they need to succeed at home, at work, or both if they choose. Natural masters of efficiency and multitasking, mothers are already a step ahead. But they need the right employers, too.

Like these. Here’s a list of Glassdoor’s 10 Best Tech Companies to Work for (that are NOT one of the obvious Silicon Valley giants).

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