Career Mistakes You Can Avoid

urlMistakes are part of the path to success. It’s just that simple. Still, the more you know, the more you can circumvent. So borrowing from the wisdom of others who’ve been down this path, let us save you a bit of trouble. Here are a few common career mistakes that you can avoid.

  1. Not continuing your skills training. Especially in the rapidly changing tech fields, you’ve got to stay current. Attend seminars or presentations from leaders in your industry. Convince your employer to invest in training. Take a class. Join a meet-up. Subscribe to an online publication. Or, if you’re self-motivated enough, browse the internet or the book store and teach yourself. If your specialization is on (even the early stages of) the path to irrelevancy, make sure you’re getting experience in other, upward trending areas.
  1. Following money. Never take a job solely for the money. If you’re following your passion, money will come. Take a job for money, and you may get stuck there while true opportunities to become great pass you by.
  1. Standing still for too long. It’s easy to become comfortable where you are. But there’s an opportunity cost to not being challenged. This is especially true for STEM careers.
  1. Losing sight of your dream. Each job can potentially take you off in a different direction, introducing you to new skills, people, and responsibilities you didn’t know existed. That’s part of the journey, and it’s important to remain open to new possibilities. However, if you’re getting swept up instead of steering the course, you may end up far from where you intended. So enjoy the ride, all the while keeping your eye on your long-term goals.


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