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Upcoming Tech Trends Leads to New Jobs: How You Can Prepare for What Lies Ahead

tech trendsOver the past decade, the amount of job opportunities in innovation have dramatically increased. The future trends in technology not only impact everyone around us, but future job seekers as well. Let’s face it, today’s careers aren’t as black and white as they used to be due to the constant evolution of technology. The controversy is, however; does the future of technology create new jobs or eliminate them? No matter which way you look at it, technology is now the backbone of our future.

Let’s take a journey back to the 18th and 19th centuries, during the Industrial Revolution to be more specific, when advancements were made in production in order to eliminate labor such as the efficiency of water power, advancements in machine tools and railroads, or the progression to using coal instead of wood. As a result of these developments, jobs slowly dissipated, but simultaneously opened the door for new opportunities. The famous proverb, “history repeats itself,” is something that has always seemed to be proven true, and in this case it hits the nail on the head, the only difference now, is that we do not have as much time to adjust to new technologies as we did back then. More than ever, what areas are growing and which jobs are being created as a result of this swarm of technology trends?

  1. Mobile: Mobile and software development are huge right now- the growth in the mobile segment alone has generated a substantial amount of opportunities, including application and software developers and individuals with a specialization in coding, HTML, or Java Script. In 2017, there will be 5 billion smartphones. Through these roles, they will be constantly looking for more ways to connect with people.
  2. Social Media—social media continues to dominate in all aspects, especially now in our workplace as many hiring managers review candidates LinkedIn or Facebook Profiles prior to interviewing. Brands and businesses continue to mingle and connect with their target audience via social media which is why so many positions of social media managers have been created as well as the continuous growth of the Marketing Department.
  3. Visual Communication will become the primary means of communication for employees through the use of tablets, smartphones, and laptops in order to best reach our employers, clients, and family—this will cause a huge expansion in the IT Department.
  4. Automation: Let’s face it, Siri is here to stay, so be prepared as these robotic voice communicators begin to take over part of our daily routine. Before you begin to worry that your job might be at stake, this upgrade will create many new positions ranging from installation, software programming and development, and design.
  5. 3-D Web: Graphic designers, artists, and programmers will be sure to have their work cut out for them as they prepare for a completely new way of how we view the internet, that’s right, 3-D Web.

These are just a few of the drivers of innovation resulting in employment—now is the time to identify your skillset and take the time to prepare for the future!


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The Affect of Co-Workers on Your Productivity

productivityIt’s all about culture. Do you work in a culture of driven, hard-working producers? Then you, as well, are likely to be highly productive. Likewise, if you’re surrounded by slackers, your own productivity numbers may be lacking. Seems obvious; but what’s actually going on isn’t just a case of a low-producing department or company only being able to attract other low producers.

According to a recent survey by project management platform Taskworld, 50 percent of survey responders reported being frustrated by coworkers’ missed deadlines and 75 percent often must sit and wait for a coworker to complete his portion of a task before continuing on. Other studies report similar findings. Is this a case of the blame game (“It’s my co-worker’s fault things things don’t get done.”) or does it suggest productivity – and lack thereof – is contagious?

If it is indeed contagious, then that’s good news. Because you have the ability to inspire and motivate everyone around you simply through your daily work habits. You can directly contribute to your workplace culture, and help make it one of high achievement.


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Stop checking your email!

you've got mailDo you know how much time we waste, mindlessly clicking the refresh button on our email accounts throughout the day? If you’re serious about reclaiming that time, focus, and peace – then here’s how to really stick to it. By the way, some experts say it takes about 21 days to establish a habit. So give yourself three weeks and your obsession should be a thing of the past. (Same goes for Facebook and Google News, etc). 

  1. Set aside time each day (set a timer at first if you like) for checking email. You can set aside as much time as you need in one block, such as an hour, or disperse sessions throughout the day – but no more than three times per day.
  1. Disable push notifications. This is a given. Those constant dings make it impossible to not check your inbox.
  1. Delete your email account from your mobile phone. This is a last resort for the truly addicted, since many of us rely on our smart phones to make efficient use of our time during a commute (by bus or train of course, not while driving) by answering emails. Still, removing email access from your phone in turn makes you less addicted to your phone, which makes you more aware of the real world around you, instead of the virtual world on your screen.
  1. Don’t fall for the guilt trip. Many people will wonder why you’re not suddenly not available 24-7 via email. As long as you’re productive, you have every right not to be. Naturally, exceptions apply when you’re anticipating an important or time-sensitive email. But other times, if the matter is dire, he or she can always call.

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