The Affect of Co-Workers on Your Productivity

productivityIt’s all about culture. Do you work in a culture of driven, hard-working producers? Then you, as well, are likely to be highly productive. Likewise, if you’re surrounded by slackers, your own productivity numbers may be lacking. Seems obvious; but what’s actually going on isn’t just a case of a low-producing department or company only being able to attract other low producers.

According to a recent survey by project management platform Taskworld, 50 percent of survey responders reported being frustrated by coworkers’ missed deadlines and 75 percent often must sit and wait for a coworker to complete his portion of a task before continuing on. Other studies report similar findings. Is this a case of the blame game (“It’s my co-worker’s fault things things don’t get done.”) or does it suggest productivity – and lack thereof – is contagious?

If it is indeed contagious, then that’s good news. Because you have the ability to inspire and motivate everyone around you simply through your daily work habits. You can directly contribute to your workplace culture, and help make it one of high achievement.



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