How Can the Latest Tech Updates Prepare You for 2015?

imagesIt is time to come to grips with embracing technology– from the way we work, eat, and connect with friends, family, and potential employers- there is no denying the overwhelming prevalence of technology. Mobile development is one of the most highly segmented tech takeovers in 2014 that will continuously move forward into the New Year. Within this segment, mobile applications are becoming more popular and continuing to revolutionize the way you and I make decisions. As smartphones rapidly dominate our socially embedded culture, applications will prove to be a driving force of revenue.

The key factor behind this transition originates from consumer expectations. Customers expect to establish a connection between their brand and their smartphone. More specifically, customers are already make purchasing decisions before even entering their destination. This is a result of the constant development of mobile applications enabling and modernizing our decision making. Here are just a few of the ways mobile continues to impact our daily routine:

  • Payment: Apps such as Apple Pay or Pay Pal Mobile are becoming the easier payment option for consumers. Tablets are also now featured at many restaurants which enables customers to provide payment via tableside.
  • Personalization– Fast-Food Chains such as Pizza Hut are allowing customers to create their own entrees by selecting from a wide array of ingredients and input them on a pizza pie graphic. McDonalds is in the process of seeking a competitive edge in the social media and mobile segment as well. Customers can engage via social media by viewing the authenticity of their ingredients in which a Q&A is provided from McDonalds portraying where their food comes from. They are also experimenting with a variety of applications in order for customers to customize their individual hamburgers.
  • Strategic Flexibility– One of the biggest challenges companies continues to face is asking the following question, “How can we make our process easier for our customers in this highly competitive market?” Let’s look at Uber- one of the current fastest growing companies on the market, whom have remodeled the concept of transportation. By taking a service that is known for being time consuming, unorganized, and at all costs frantic, and turning it into something ever so simple.

Now more than ever, our society is constantly changing due to emerging shifts in the technology field. Whether you can apply these changes in your career or within your personal life will be beneficial in numerous amount of ways.  If you have any updates of how to prepare for the upcoming year, we would love to hear from you…


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