How Modern Technology Can Prepare You for The Holidays

images9OG2X1LNAs the holiday season approaches, we are constantly looking for new ways to save time, money, and energy because we wait until the last moment to complete our holiday to-do list. To beat the crowds, more of us are online shopping and turning to our smartphones for the answers in order to help ease some of the holiday stress. With this being said, mobile continues to dominate our decision making and keeping up- to- date with the latest technology will be crucial this holiday season. Read our tips below of how current innovations within technology can prepare you for the upcoming holiday season:

  1. Health– Trying to eat right and exercise regularly in the midst of our hectic schedules can be difficult, the innovation of new products can help us keep better track of our health. The cordless Fitbit is designed to keep track of your sleep, distance you have walked on a daily basis, and if you want to get really in depth, it can even track food consumed and water. Your information is stored on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that will keep up with weight loss and/or gain.
  2. Siri– Looking for a hands free help as you prepare to cook this year’s Christmas dinner? Thanks to Apple’s Hey Siri feature or Amazon’s Echo, this Christmas cooking just got a lot easier. You can use these voice commands to find out the ideal temperature to cook a ham or look for a butter substitute for your pecan pie.
  3. Helpful Gadgets– Seeking the perfect stocking stuffer for the crazy Aunt of yours? Look no further as the innovation of wireless thermometers can take some of her stress away- once the device reaches the ideal temperature, an alarm will notify you. Say goodbye to overcooked, dry turkey this year!
  4. More Online Shopping– The reality is, the way we shop continues to revolutionize as online shopping continues to become more prevalent. Sites such as Amazon or are a customer’s one stop shop as it more convenient in regards to saving time and money. Even online grocery outlets are growing in popularity such as Blue Apron, Safeway, or Netgrocer in which you personally customize your meal-plan online or even order health and beauty products. Upon completing your order, it is delivered at your door in no time.

In a highly competitive market, business leaders continue to look for more ways to make our lives just a little bit easier without the added stress during this busy holiday season. If you have any other tech updates that will help us during the holidays, please share- we would love to hear from you!

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