Advancements in Technology Leads to Evolution in the Recruitment Process

RecruitmentRecruitment has certainly evolved over time and the role of technology continues to play an instrumental part throughout the hiring process. From the development of recruitment agencies in the 1940’s to the launch of LinkedIn in 2003, there has been monumental progress that has ultimately transformed today’s employment landscape. New technological advancements will continue to drive the future of recruitment strategy. But, how exactly has this process evolved and where do job seekers stand moving forward? Let’s take a look and see how it all began:

In the 1950’s, the CV became the standard means when it came to listing out qualifications and experiences to potential employers. This process began to slowly transform in the 1970’s when recruitment agencies started to modify and filter how they searched for candidates. During this time, the first job advertisements appeared in newspapers and commercial computers slowly made their way into the market.

Shortly after the launch of Apple’s first PC in 1976, the development of applicant tracking systems soon followed. In the 2000’s, recruitment methods took off rapidly as 43% of job seekers used the Internet in their job search in 2003. In 2010, organizations began to implement Social Media within their business practices and as a way to connect and engage with potential candidates with their brand.

Since then, the rise in Smartphone usage has impacted the way we connect with employers, candidates, and hiring managers. The heavy increase in mobile traffic means that employers needed a plan in order to accommodate today’s mobile friendly demographic. Organizations are now focusing on reorganizing their entire website infrastructure to accommodate the changes in candidate behavior. A recent study from Kelton Global reveals that “70% of job seekers are willing to apply for a job via smartphone, but more than a quarter of larger companies said that not a single part of their hiring process has been mobile-optimized.” By the end of 2015, 86% of active candidates will use their smartphone to begin a job search.

The evolution doesn’t stop here. Technology will continue to serve as the direct liaison among all aspects of the hiring process. If you have any feedback on how technology has helped you throughout your career, connect with us today or join the conversation with us on Twitter!

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