The Benefits of Using a Staffing Service When Hiring Top Tech Talent

WE SPEAK GEEK logoAs of today, 8.7 million jobs have resurfaced since the recession. But when it comes to restructuring the economy, there is one factor that our employees and employers view differently. You guessed it- employment. Post-recession, organizations are facing a dilemma of filling multiple positions that were previously eliminated.

When we look at the types of positions many organizations are looking to fill, jobs in Information Technology, Engineering, and Accounting/Finance are in the hot seat. These opportunities are not only in high demand, but serve as a contributing factor to today’s economic growth. Given these conditions, employers are turning to staffing services, to support and strengthen their recruitment strategy.

Here are a few ways staffing services are able to fulfill your hiring needs:

They know how to find the perfect fit for your organization: Businesses are now resorting to out-of-the-box recruitment strategies to fulfill employment gaps. A recent infographic from Social Talent stated “69% of executives believe there is a technical resource talent shortage.” Staffing providers are able to identify the most qualified candidate for the position and then analyze their overall experience, skill-set, and personality that matches the needs of your organization. At TRC Professional Solutions, when a recruiter receives a resume, we dive closely into the candidates’ background by pinpointing their skills and experience that directly correlates with the needs of our clients. Will Swift, Senior Technical Recruiter of TRC’s IT Solutions Branch in Atlanta shares his insight on how he fills highly specialized positions, “After getting a detailed description, verbally, from our client, we then aggressively attack the market without relying on job postings to do the work for us.  We actively target companies with similar technical set ups, cultures, and size of our client to match candidates directly on multiple levels.”

Flexibility and productivity are increased: Recent findings from The American Staffing Association reveal the need for a flexible labor force accounts for the recent growth of the staffing industry. Now more than ever, “companies are tapping into the flexible workforce to keep fully staffed during busy times.” Whether it is Project-Based, Direct-Hire, or a Permanent opportunity, staffing services allow organizations to adjust their workforces to meet their changing needs. Productivity can also be enhanced. Employers who spend time distributing extra work rather than hiring additional staff can see a decrease in productivity. With the additional hours, employees can feel overwhelmed and distracted on the job. Using a staffing service such as TRC Professional Solutions can save your organization, the time, and resources that come along with hiring additional employees.

They are specialized industry experts: Recruiters are trained to keep up with the latest industry trends and skills that are in high demand. As dedicated professionals, Will reveals, “TRC’s Technical Recruiters stay abreast of emerging, fast-paced and ever changing technologies. Most corporate recruiters and hiring authorities don’t have time nor the ability to stay on top of their personal technology such as network, devices, or software updates. This would be unfair to expect them to stay on top of their organizations fast-paced and ever changing technology. Due to our in-depth market knowledge through recruiting, user groups, industry related news and trends, we are able to educate our clients on what we are seeing in the process.  This includes everything from market rates, candidate supply and demand, and where technologies are going.”

More employers are now choosing to work with strategic staffing partners in order to enhance the technical development and well-being of their organization. These proven benefits continue to outweigh the overwhelming process of hiring internally. For more information on how TRC Professional Solutions can fulfill your staffing needs whether you are in Atlanta or Austin, contact us today!

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