Jumping Back Into The Tech Job Market? Here’re Some Tips For “Landing” A Great Job

The tech industry especially is known for evolving quickly. So if you’ve been out of the tech job market for a while, you may feel a bit dusty. But if you possess specialized knowledge, there’s a need for you right now – all you need is a little extra effort to position yourself perfectly for landing your next tech job.

The first thing to note is that a resume and great interviewing skills remain paramount – but they’re often not enough. Today, you’ll need to go the extra mile to put yourself out there. Those little extra steps will produce big results. For example…

Be social online.

If you don’t have a social presence, create one. If you have one but it’s neglected, it’s time to start showing up online. Explore the appropriate channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Use these platforms to show who you are and to network with other likeminded people in the tech industry. Share your work, and work you admire with hashtags that help other tech professionals locate it. You’ll not only make yourself more visible to potential employers, but you’ll be able to reach out to them, via their own social media.

Keep learning.

Getting your tech skillset up to par can be as simple as a single class, online or on-site. Read a book. Follow blogs. Attend a seminar, workshop, or tech industry function (the plus-side of these functions is that you also have an opportunity to make connections with people who can help you get a job). Just keeping yourself fresh takes very little effort, but it will make you a more desirable candidate as well as make you more confident you’re in-the-know as to what’s cutting edge in your industry.

Enlist technical recruiters.

Technical recruitment agencies, like TRC Professional Solutions, are highly specialized in recruitment strategies that help match engineers, finance and accounting professionals, and information technologists with technical employers and project-based jobs, direct-hire jobs, and permanent hire tech opportunities. They do much of the work for you and your potential employers by filling employment gaps with people just like you. They’ve already made many of the connections for you, and can be a valuable tool during your search. In fact, if you’re an engineering, IT, or finance and accounting professional and are interested in enlisting help with your job search, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Good luck with your search – and remember, the most important key to your career success and landing your job is perseverance.

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