Best STEM Jobs 2015

This list of the best STEM jobs is more than a list of occupations based in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – it’s also a list of the jobs experiencing huge hiring demand and low unemployment rates – according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Considering a career in a technical field? Take a look at these jobs.

Software Developer: Whether an application developer, or a systems-focused developer, the Labor Department predicts there will be nearly 140,000 new positions created before 2022.

Computer Systems Analyst: Goal-focused, process-oriented computer systems analysts make recommendations to organizations about the best operating systems for their company. They’re also expected to see 24.5 percent employment growth through 2022.

Information Security Analyst: These people keep company and government agency computer networks safe from online threats, as well as handle any security breaches that occur. With today’s headlines, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that information security analysts are in high demand. The profession is expected to grown at a rate of 36.5 through 2022.

Web Developer: Developers help create user-friendly websites that make for a smooth experience online, among many other things. Employment is predicted to grow by about 20% by 2022.

Accountant: Attention to detail, a love for math, and patience with clients are all crucial to this role. And it’s predicted to grow by more than 166,000 new accountant job openings by 2022.

Mechanical Engineer: In this role, you’ll see devices through from theoretical design to technical production, with a chance to use both your right and left brain. With a low unemployment rate of 2.7 percent and a comfortable median salary of 82,100, the outlook for mechanical engineers is promising.

Operations Research Analyst: This advisory position includes helping business operate more efficiently, budgeting, and providing statistical analysis. By 2022, employment growth of almost 27 percent is predicted to occur for operations research analyst jobs.

IT Manager: IT managers are the head of a company’s information technology department. They assist employees with every technical issue, and are a growing profession with 50,900 new jobs expected by 2022.

Civil Engineer: From building bridges to damming reservoirs, civil engineers’ role can literally be seen by looking around – making civil engineering jobs potentially very rewarding. 53,700 new positions are expected by 2022.

Cost estimator: Cost estimators work with other technical workers to calculate a project’s mechanical, technical and fiscal costs. The Labor Department predicts cost estimating jobs will grow by more than 26 percent by 2022.

Other jobs predicted to grow? Computer systems administrators, database administrators, construction managers, computer programmers, financial managers, computer support specialists, architects, and auto mechanics are all on the list.


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