Top Ten Cities For Technology Jobs

If you’re a tech worker, your skills are in demand and you can find work with competitive pay in a large variety of towns. But according to online salary database, some cities stood out as having the best pay and the most jobs. Here are the top ten cities for technology jobs right now.

  1. Greater San Francisco. Home of Google, Facebook, and countless others, that the Bay area ranks first for technology career opportunities shouldn’t come as a surprise.
  1. Seattle. Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, and a strong startup community keep tech workers flocking to the northwestern city. Look for tech jobs in Seattle.
  1. Washington, DC. The U.S. capital has a huge need for tech workers who know how to build security systems, maintain collections of data, and support U.S. defense.
  1. Austin. Dell as well as a strong startup community keep tech workers employed – and the need for tech workers here is only growing. Look for tech jobs in Austin.
  1. Raleigh. Part of the Research Triangle, Raleigh, North Carolina has a high concentration of technology companies, academic research institutions, startups and more. It’s perfect for a tech worker looking for a new opportunity. Look for tech jobs in Raleigh.
  1. Denver. Local universities and a great economy makes Denver a great spot for tech workers – especially those who love the outdoors.
  1. Salt Lake City., the U.S. Air Force, and L-3 Communications among others provide plenty of tech jobs with excellent pay.
  1. Boston. Major research universities and big biotech companies abound in Boston, making it a top pick for people looking for technology jobs.
  1. Minneapolis. United Health Group, General Mills, Accenture, and several universities are located in Minneapolis, and with them thousands of tech jobs.
  1. New York City. From major employers to soon-to-be-big startups, NYC is a city of opportunity for anyone, and especially people looking for tech jobs.

Looking for a tech job yourself? Start here, on the TRC Professional Solutions job board – where you’ll find hundreds of tech jobs, many in the cities we’ve listed above.

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