Feeling Burnt Out? Here’s How To Feel Better

http://thrivenwa.com/2014/04/15/the-endless-performance/Burnout manifests itself differently for everyone, but if you’re a tech worker who works long hours and faces demanding deadlines, you’ve probably experienced some symptoms of burnout – even if you haven’t recognized it as such.

From exhaustion to depression or just cynicism, there are ways to minimize these symptoms and have a healthier work-life balance – even in the demanding tech industry. Some solutions may seem obvious, but they’re obvious for a reason – they’re crucial to your well-being.

Sleep.  If something has to give, let it be that little bit of TV you watch at night before bed, rather than your sleep. If your schedule is intense and doesn’t allow for any free time, it should be temporary. During this time period, make sufficient sleep a priority on your off time.  If your schedule is always so intense that you don’t have time to get enough sleep, then you need to think of other opportunities. Your healthy is important.

Rewards.  Maybe it’s easier said than done if your schedule is insane. But ever heard the expression “it’s the little things in life?” It’s true. Maybe it’s as simple as taking breaks to play a game on the Internet, or spending a little while at the end of the day doing a hobby you enjoy that truly relaxes you. All work and no play spells burnout.

Exercise.  Don’t underestimate the wonders even a few hours of getting your heart rate up each week can do for your morale. Find a way to work it into your routine, so it’s a streamline part of your day. You’ll feel better, be healthier, and find your spirits lifted.

Reach out.  Even if you aren’t a self-described people-person, you still need support. Confide in someone you trust about feeling burnt out. Even just a little commiserating will help you feel not so alone – and feeling you aren’t alone is often half the battle to feeling better.

When times get crazy, we often let our healthy habits slip. It’s understandable. But if things don’t let up, you can choose to make it work by taking steps to take care of your sanity while juggling your job – or you probably need to find something that allows you to have a work-life balance.

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