Technical Resume Writing resume writing simple is just a fallacy. Each resume written incorporates everything from grammar and logic – to smaller details on the layout. Technical resume writing requires even more! You have to incorporate key terms that represent your skill set, without becoming “too technical”. Is it possible for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) industries to become “too technical”? The answer is yes, and here’s why…

Throughout the interview process, you will speak with several people all proficient in different disciplines. If you are too detailed with the terms on your resume, it could become unreadable to those who don’t have specific knowledge of certain data, engineering techniques, etc. This is why you have to strategically communicate key words and your skill set in a way that everyone can understand, especially a nontechnical recruiter. Let’s take a look at an example.

Instead of writing “Deployed software” say “Deployed software to assess performance of network logging. This consolidated and simplified network monitoring.”

Now the sentence describes what skills were used and how it saved the company time and money. Another way to make this sentence even better is to add some software specific details so that recruiters are able to pull your resume when looking for software experience by name.

“Deployed Splunk and Cacti software to assess performance of network logging. This consolidated and simplified network monitoring.”

This sentence now has key words, technical information and is still understandable to someone who isn’t an IT specialist.

How does TRC Professional Solutions fit into this? Our technical recruiters can help you with technical resume writing and find you the best opportunities that match your skill set. Our recruiters know what types of candidates our clients are seeking and will provide you with opportunities to apply for exceptional positions. No wasted interviews or time. Interested in seeing what jobs are currently available? If so, click here!

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