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Three Common Employment Positions Staffing Companies Hire

temporary staffingOne of the perks of working in the STEM industry is that after you gain valuable experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, you have more say in what type of company you want to work for. If you have recently found yourself unhappy at your current job and have questions about how a staffing company might be able to assist you in furthering your career, then this blog post is for you! We’ll discuss the pros and cons of three common positions that staffing companies hire for so you can see which type of position fits your needs.

The most well-known (and probably the most desirable) position type that candidates search for during their job hunt are Direct Hire positions. This means that a company hires you directly onto their payroll and pays a one-time fee to a staffing company’s for their services. Being directly hired into a company works well with candidates who want a consistent routine. You get to know people in your specific field, maintain the same work hours, be on the company’s payroll immediately, sign employment agreements, and represent the company from day one. One negative thing to consider when applying for Direct Hire positions through a staffing company is that even though your income is set, there may be a slower financial progression in your career. Meaning, you may work longer hours, for less in return. At the end of the day, a Direct Hire position is perfect for someone who is not a seasoned veteran in their field. You can build experience, while also reaping the benefits of having a steady salary.

The second employment type that staffing companies fill positions for are Contract-to-Hire positions. These positions offer you the chance to prove yourself to prospective employers for a contracted amount of time before potentially going permanent with the company. You will work for the staffing company and may be able to secure a higher salary than a Direct Hire position. You can earn more in the contract period per-hour and have an opportunity to try out the culture of the company before you determine whether or not you want to work there. On the downside, there is no guarantee that you will be asked to stay on permanently with that company. This position is a perfect fit for someone who wants to work hard to prove themselves within a company, while still allowing them some leeway to determine if they are a right fit without having the negative stigma of “quitting” the job.

Lastly, professional staffing agencies like TRC Professional Solutions also fill Contract positions. These positions are all-inclusive project work that allows employees to be given a specific task, complete it, and then move on without any penalties. This allows you to work at different companies and make a plethora of connections for months or years at a time. Working contract positions also offers you higher pay per-hour. These positions do have a higher risk of lay-off, but allow you to expose yourself to a variety of environments, team dynamics, company cultures, and technologies.

Are you interested in learning more about one of the three employment types that TRC Professional Solutions offers? Join us for TRC Professional Solutions Meetup up on January, 20th. A few Recruiters from the TRC Professional Solutions team will go more in depth for each of the three types of employment and address how to approach a career change in a direction that suits your needs.



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