Top 5 STEM Cities for Employment start of 2016 is a new year for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Industries. It is suggested that by 2020 there will be a 22% growth for the technology field alone. With growth comes more job opportunities. Where are all of these open positions going to be? Check out the top 5 cities for Employment when looking for STEM positions.

The fifth runner up is Houston. Houston is one of the most populated cities in America and was nominated “Best Places for Business and Careers” by Forbes in 2006. On top of this, Houston also has 23 Fortune 500 companies located within the city. This provides you with a plethora of open positions ranging from entry level STEM work – to jobs that you can only apply to if you are the best of the best.

Number four – Boston. Boston makes it in the top 5 cities to live in for STEM positions during 2016 because of its average wage, and more importantly, because of its education and job opportunities. Boston has over 23% of STEM positions available in the job market and they have the 5th highest STEM wages. The average STEM employee makes around $84,000 income in Boston. On top of all of the job opportunities that Boston provides, they also have two amazing technology schools – Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Right in the middle is Washington, VA. Washington made it into the top 5 because of its second highest percentage of jobs that require Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Degrees and Certifications. Over 14% of all jobs in D.C. are STEM related and the average 2011 STEM wage was around $89,000 a year.

The 1st runner up – Atlanta, GA. From 2011 to 2013, technology jobs available in Atlanta grew 11%. On top of this growth, an average Software Engineer makes around $93,000 a year. Atlanta has many growth opportunities and some of the top technology companies that are located all within the perimeter. What makes them stand out even more? The Georgia Institute of Technology, which has been ranked #1 in the nation for their Tech’s Industrial Engineering program for over two decades.

Finally, number one is San Jose, California. San Jose is the best city to look for STEM related employment companies that lay in Silicon Valley. Companies such as Google, Inc., Intel Corp., and Cisco Systems are based in the area providing a vast amount of job opportunities for the STEM Industry. The average wage of a STEM worker with a Bachelor’s Degree is $115,743, putting San Jose at #1.

Do you live in one of these Top 5 STEM Cities? Tell us about your experience in the workforce.


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