Networking in the STEM Community. of the most challenging aspects of landing a great job is networking. No matter how great your resume is, sometimes it just comes down to who you know! If you don’t network, it’s hard to meet influential people in the Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering Industries, or any industry for that matter.

If you are currently looking to branch out in the STEM community in Atlanta, there are a few different opportunities listed below. The TRC Professional Solutions team hosts a Meetup group a few times a month. The team of recruiters take this time to go over resume tips, host technical workshops, and even have the occasional functional! You can learn everything from the basics of coding, to how to quickly gather your thoughts during an interview. If you are interested in becoming involved in some of the Meetups (that is hosted by Professional Solutions with someone who is very involved in the Atlanta Drupal), check out the TRC Professional Solutions Meetup Page.
If you just read that last sentence and said “What the heck is Drupal?” you are in luck! Drupal is a community that is comprised of designers, developers, site builders, and engineers who develop web site applications. The best part? They host around 3 events throughout the year solely for networking purposes.

There are around 290 people at every event, and each Drupal Camp lasts around 9 hours. If that sounds a little intense, don’t worry! There will be breaks and a 2 hour lunch. The event is comprised of slides, booths, and a TON of networking opportunities. Even if you go to just get your name out there, you can meet with one of our knowledgeable Professional Solutions recruiters.

The Drupal Atlanta chapter is scheduling an October Camp as well, so make sure you sign up! At the end of the day, this is your career and you will get out of it, what you put into it. Our team of professionals are there to help you along the way! Do you have any great networking events for the STEM community coming up? Tell us about them!

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