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Five things to know, before you interview. you’re a job seeker, you’ve probably heard many times how important it is to research the company before you interview with it. But it’s sometimes overwhelming to know where to start, and what to make sure and remember from all the many details about a company. So, here’s a tip. If you remember nothing else, make sure to arrive to your interview armed with these five things.

  1.  The basic facts. It may seem obvious, but it’s also crucial that you know the name of the company, the industry, and how the position you’re interviewing for fits into the company structure.
  2.  The required skills. It’s your job to convince the interviewer that you possess the skills they’re looking for – so make sure you know what those skills are. Then, look at your past experience, accomplishments, and strengths to help spell it out clearly why you’re a perfect fit.
  3.  The culture. Each company has it’s own unique culture, and that culture will affect your happiness and success at the company. If the company doesn’t have a “culture” page on its website, take a look at the company’s mission statement and core values. And definitely don’t forget to check out its social media presence. It will speak volumes about the employer brand and workplace environment.
  4.  Competitors. Check out what makes the company different from its competitors. What makes it stand out and gives it an edge? Possessing this knowledge will definitely impress the interviewer and show your enthusiasm for the company.
  5.  Relevant news. Do a Google search for news results related to the company itself, and as well as the industry. See what’s going on, and you’ll not only feel more confident and ready to talk shop – you’ll also come across as knowledgeable, and a great fit.

It takes a little bit of work to adequately research a company before the interview. The good news is, when you work with a staffing agency and recruiters, we’ve already done much of the work for you. A great staffing agency will help prepare you for the interview by providing crucial details that will set you up for success in an interview. From there, it’s up to you to shine.

 If you’re a job seeker interested in working with TRC Staffing Services, Inc., apply through our job search tool – we’d love to hear from you. You can also learn more about our rigorous and highly successful process to place you with the best companies – and in the best job positions – in the country.




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How to make your Facebook account prospective employer-friendly you one of those graduates who really enjoyed college…and posted it all over your newsfeed? Don’t worry. You may not be able to fix any damage that has already been done, but you still can clean up your current account so that it doesn’t come across as unprofessional to future employers.

Facebook is the number-one social network, and it seems like everyone uses it. Currently, there are more than 1.59 billion active accounts. Facebook is popular because it allows old friends to connect, new friends to talk, and everyone to enjoy a convenient online community.

It’s also proven to be a useful tool for recruiters. More than 94% of recruiters use social media to find candidates for open positions. If your feed is filled with dancing monkeys, it might not come off as the most professional page. Even if you don’t plan on using a staffing company to find a job right out of college, your potential employers will still do their homework. So how can you clean up your current account? Check out the basics of Facebook’s privacy policy below!

Let’s start with photos. Any pictures that you have uploaded to Facebook can be edited by you. A great place to start cleaning up your digital presence is to simply go through old photos. Take down anything that you would find embarrassing if an employer pulled it up.

How do I edit my photos? Simply go through your photos, click one you don’t like, push edit, and voila! You can edit who you were with, where you were, the date, and the time. You can even edit the privacy settings and choose who you want to be able to see the images (i.e. public, friends, or only you). However, if you are considering posting something online in the future that is only for your eyes – maybe you shouldn’t be posting it at all. Anything posted online is never truly private.

As for photos that other people have uploaded and tagged you in, you can either untag yourself or ask them to remove the photos altogether. Then, make sure to adjust your privacy settings so that you must approve every post you are tagged in. That way, you will be able to decide whether or not the post is “allowed on timeline” or “hidden from timeline.”

Your Facebook privacy settings tool even shows you which apps are connected to your account. Any connected apps can share the information you’ve uploaded to Facebook. So go through and decide which apps you might need to remove from your Facebook account.

Also, don’t forget to edit your Facebook profile. Any information you’ve made public can be deleted or adjusted. If you are also interested in editing who can see what, you can also do that in the profile section. For instance, you might want to make your professional email public so that recruiters can contact you, but keep your personal phone number set on “only me.”

Finally, scroll down your personal newsfeed. If you see any posts that feel inappropriate, simply click on the down arrow and delete them.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your personal Facebook account professional? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!


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