Take that vacation.

https://goo.gl/kMWDnTSummer is the time for travel and leisure – or at least, it used to be. Today, many U.S. workers aren’t taking their vacation time.

The reasons vary, but there’s a common theme: work burnout. Many people state that by the time summer vacation rolls around, they’re completely exhausted from their jobs. Add to that that today it’s more difficult than ever to actually unplug, resulting in a vacation so full of urgent emails and pings that “getting away” can actually create more headaches than just staying put in the office.

 Instead, people use their vacation time to run errands, go to the doctor, clean the house, and play catch up.

There’s another reason people aren’t taking vacation. It’s the false notion, and one characteristic of the U.S., that whoever is at work the most time is the winner. People worry that taking time to enjoy life will cause them to seem like a slacker – and that’s unfortunate. Because there are better, smarter ways to show dedication to your job than just showing up. Working efficiently and effectively, and giving your all to your job when you’re there is more important than being there 24-7.

 After all, it pays to show dedication to your health, too. By taking some time off – and not feeling guilting about it – to enjoy your family, friends, and life. In fact, you can be an example to those around you by not buying in to the idea that to take vacation is to not be a great employee. If you’re a great employee, no one is going to hold your vacation against you – and if they do, you might not be in the right company.

So this summer, take your vacation. Maybe it’s a trip to an exotic locale, or maybe it’s just some rest and relaxation at home. However you choose to spend your vacation, remember – you’ve earned it, so enjoy it.


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