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Criteria For The Best Place to Work…

2015-Glassdoor-FB-size-d100a5Each year, organizations throughout the world anxiously wait for Glassdoor’s release of The Best Places to Work. For those that have no preconceived knowledge of this list, this list is the “end all be all” for global employer brands. When making these selections, Glassdoor begins by evaluating company reviews rated by employees from the overall year by looking at compensation, management, CEO leadership, and an overall work-life balance.

The top winner in 2015 is no surprise as Google took the win with a whopping number of 28,633 employees, whom live by the motto, “great people, great values.” Behind Google, falls reputable organizations such as Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Chevron, and Facebook, taking the thirteenth spot.

What is the commonalities between these top organizations that made the list?

“The best companies frequently have a very solid company culture, and most of the time it’s mission-driven, spoken by CEO Glassdoor, Robert Hohman. “That makes it really clear to people inside the company what mountains they’re trying to scale and unites employees around that mission.” Outside of company culture, organizations who can provide their employees with a flexible work-life balance are the ones that truly separate themselves from their competition. Prime example: LinkedIn, known for their employees who work long hours are able to handle personal matters at their convenience and work flexible hours when necessary.

One other commonality between some of these leading organizations that can’t be overlooked: trust. Trust between an employee and a business begins before your first day on the job; employees who feel appreciated in the beginning are shown to release a higher level of trust quicker than those employees who are put to work without any direction on the first day. Facebook, a leading employer in Glassdoor’s list, embeds a heavy sense of trust amongst their employees. In 2014, a Facebook employee rated the organization with five stars by describing the sense of trust encircling the team: “The culture and dialog is open about everything. The amount of power entrusted to employees is huge.”

Depending on your personal preference and field of interest, the criteria for the best place to work will vary for everyone. As you decide what is best for your career, consider weighing the pros and cons that makes the most sense to you.

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