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How to Separate Yourself as a Job Seeker When Applying to Tech Jobs

hire meWhether you have recently graduated or are looking to advance your career, figuring out how to differentiate yourself from your competition can be challenging. As we approach the New Year, the month of December might be the best month to get hired. Extra attention from your recruiter and several networking opportunities during the holidays are just a few examples of ways to make connections this month. Here is how you can separate yourself:

  1. Each Application Should be Specific: As you apply to various job postings, cater each resume and cover letter to each position that you are applying for. When looking to fill positions, recruiters search for key words within your resume that cater to the positon you are applying for.
  2. Update Social Media Accounts: Your resume will not be the only item recruiters and hiring managers are evaluating before setting up an interview. Employers will scan your social media accounts to gain a feel as to whether or not your personality will fit well with the company culture. Update and clean up your Social Media Accounts before you begin sending out your resume.
  3. Prepare for the Interview Process: Once you land an interview, it is important to prepare accordingly for the interview process. For tech related positions, it is normal to demonstrate your experience and answer hypothetical scenarios that might come up on the job.  For example, you may be asked to demonstrate your skills in coding or describe how you would solve a problem. These types of interview questions are not uncommon for positions such as a software developer or engineer.
  4. Acquire Internships: Many tech related careers often begin with an internship. Participate in programs related to your field as early as possible- not only will this build your skillset, but you can develop connections through networking that will help you advance in your career.

Lastly, speak confidently during the interview process as you discuss your qualifications and answer the hiring manager’s questions. Sometimes the process can be lengthy, but conveying confidence in your abilities and what you can bring to the role will not go unnoticed. If you have any other suggestions as to how to separate yourself as a job seeker, please let us know!


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