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Secret Tips for Tech Job Seekers- Ones That Can Even Land You an Interview!

images1AKDYK3IIf you are in the job seeking market, then you know that the competition is fierce. Especially if you are pursuing your career in the technology industry. Through various outlets of communication we obtain on a daily basis, it can difficult to decipher which piece of career advice is best suited for you. As you determine how to differentiate between what you should and should not listen to, there are a few staple tips to keep in mind:

Attend an Event Relative to Your Industry: Let’s face it- people in the tech industry know what they’re talking about. Many tech professionals are now choosing to share their knowledge by hosting events or seminars to help people looking to broaden their skill level. Recruiting Team Lead, within the IT division at TRC Professional Solutions, Zach Sines, shares his passion for all things tech related by holding weekly meet up classes for people interested in web development. Whether you are trying to grasp the fundamentals of coding or develop your own website, these classes have a little something for everyone. TRC Professional Meetup Classes offer a range of classes that appeals to beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. And who knows, you might get a job lead out of networking there.

Learn New Skills: Whether you are looking to learn more about HTML, CSS, DIV Layouts, or strengthen your overall knowledge in a new field- there is always something new to learn in technology. Plus, tech skills are the hottest in the job market right now, so anytime you can bring these skills up to a future employer or a recruiter is an added bonus.

Market Yourself: One of the approaches of taking the next step in your career is determining how to best market yourself. Getting in front of key influencers is one of the best ways to achieve this. You can accomplish this by connecting with leaders on LinkedIn, engaging in blog discussions, or tailoring your resume/cover letter specifically to each job to which you are applying for. Pick a company that interests you and follow them on Social Media to learn more. Many tech companies host online career fairs so you won’t even have to leave your desk. Start by attending these events offered in your area and begin cultivating new relationships!

By executing these suggestions, the next step in your career may be closer than you think. We always look forward to hearing from our readers so if you have any other tech tips you may have acquired during your job search, please share!


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Is the “9-5” Work Schedule Staying or Fading?

9-5Times are changing and so is your average work schedule. Did you know that the first five-day workweek began in the United States in 1908? However, now more companies are allowing for their employees to telecommute and create their own schedules. A recent Millennial Report indicates that 45% of Millennials would pick flexibility over compensation. Take a look at the following factors that may cause this shift:

  1. “Hot Jobs” Allow for More Flexibility: Some of the hottest jobs on the market right now are tech related with a key focus in IT, Data, or Engineering. These types of positions are shown to have more leeway to telecommute. Also, with Social Media on the rise, multiple positions are being created to manage an organizations online presence. This also requires employees to manage these technologies beyond “normal” 9-5 working hours as consumers peruse Social Media late into the night.
  2. Advancing Your Education: Many businesses place extra focus into their employee’s career development. In order to achieve this, acquiring new skills and furthering their education is imperative. As a result, Millennials will be spending their time taking additional classes, workshops, seminars, etc. to stay marketable in this changing work environment.
  3. Big Data Dominates Corporate Structure: As we struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology, companies are prepared now more than ever to set up their employees remotely. Meetings can now be done virtually and phone systems can be connected with our personal smartphones. If we have access to be just as productive as we would be in our office, are the set office hours necessary too?

Don’t get your hopes up yet! This will be a gradual process as you might begin to see employees working from home up to twice a week or an occasional switch in your schedule. If you have any feedback of what type of schedule you prefer, we would love to hear from you!

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4 Key Tech Trends to Watch for in 2015

trendsAs the technology industry continues to generate more career opportunities, employers are seeking specific skills to fulfill their open positions.

As job seekers continue to broaden their careers, take a look at the following trends to watch for in 2015:

  1. Shift from Temporary to Full-Time Employment: Business News Daily reveals, “Employers planning to hire temporary or contract workers in 2015, fifty-six percent plan to transition some of those workers into full-time permanent roles.” Studies have also shown organizations are planning on hiring more employees in 2015.
  2. Big Data: If you are in the tech industry, then you have probably heard this term. Big Data is one of the hottest topics within the job market right now. Organizations are determining how to use Big Data to help them operate it effectively and efficiently. The need for candidates who know how to, mine for, manage and use this data for businesses will continue to grow.
  3. Mobile Focus: Did you know that 86% of job seekers who have a smart phone would use it to search for a job, but 50% of career sites aren’t optimized for mobile? Moving forward, more companies are spending additional funds to ensure their technologies are mobile friendly, which will provide more opportunities for candidates with related skill sets who can fulfill these needs.
  4. Help Desk Roles: In 2015, there will be a higher need for staffing agencies to place candidates in positions catering to technical support and help desk associates. As technology continues to change, the number of devices and variety of hardware and software that organizations support will sky rocket. As a result, it becomes more difficult for organizations to support these platforms and hiring needs will increase.

The real question at the end of the day is, how can you, as a job seeker prepare for these trends? Stay on top of the latest updates within your industry, learn new skills to make yourself marketable, and over-prepare for the interview. If you have any other key technology trends to look out for in 2015, we would love to hear from you!

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Cracking the Code- How to Successfully Answer Interview Questions at Tech Companies

imagesIGKJLAUMWith tech jobs on the rise, it means that the interview process is only getting tougher and tougher. So if your dream job is to work at Apple, Facebook, or Dell, you need to start preparing how to answer their open-ended, challenging questions. But, what kind of questions will they be asking and how do job seekers prepare for the ambiguous questions before landing your next role as a mobile developer at IBM?

What Types of Questions to Expect:

  1. Questions that test your logic
  2. Hypothetical questions you’re likely to solve on the job
  3. Brainteasers

By assessing your logic, skill set, or expertise, employers will ask something like this: “What areas do you feel like are your strongest? Can you describe a time where you encountered a challenging situation and how did you solve it?”

In the technology industry, your desired roll will most likely be something specific, let’s say a Software Engineer, so it is not uncommon for a hiring manager to ask how you developed software solutions in your previous position. Based on how you answer this, will give them a good idea on how you would handle situations you may encounter on the job.

The questions that come in the middle of an interview that usually throw you for a loop, are known as brainteasers. These are going to be based upon something specific, such as “Describe Google as a person.” When answering these, stop and briefly brainstorm of how to effectively answer.

How to Answer:

  1. Ask Questions– If you are unclear, do not be afraid to ask questions. Many questions can be vague and could convey a variety of meanings, so go ahead and ask for clarification.
  2. Break it Down– By finding a way of breaking down the issue, will show the hiring manager you are capable of tackling multiple issues at once and are not easily overwhelmed.
  3. Step by Step– Provide a sense of logic upon solving a hypothetical situation, for example by saying, “first I would approach this upon completing the following step.”
  4. Convey Communication Skills– This is one of the most important factors you will be evaluated on upon any type of interview so make sure you develop clarity upon answering.

As always, continue to do research on the company prior to an interview and be prepared to go in-depth about the qualifications listed on your resume specific to the open job description. For example, if the targeted company wants to learn more about your years of coding experience, be prepared to elaborate. Do you have any tips on how to crack the code? We would love to hear from you…

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Stop checking your email!

you've got mailDo you know how much time we waste, mindlessly clicking the refresh button on our email accounts throughout the day? If you’re serious about reclaiming that time, focus, and peace – then here’s how to really stick to it. By the way, some experts say it takes about 21 days to establish a habit. So give yourself three weeks and your obsession should be a thing of the past. (Same goes for Facebook and Google News, etc). 

  1. Set aside time each day (set a timer at first if you like) for checking email. You can set aside as much time as you need in one block, such as an hour, or disperse sessions throughout the day – but no more than three times per day.
  1. Disable push notifications. This is a given. Those constant dings make it impossible to not check your inbox.
  1. Delete your email account from your mobile phone. This is a last resort for the truly addicted, since many of us rely on our smart phones to make efficient use of our time during a commute (by bus or train of course, not while driving) by answering emails. Still, removing email access from your phone in turn makes you less addicted to your phone, which makes you more aware of the real world around you, instead of the virtual world on your screen.
  1. Don’t fall for the guilt trip. Many people will wonder why you’re not suddenly not available 24-7 via email. As long as you’re productive, you have every right not to be. Naturally, exceptions apply when you’re anticipating an important or time-sensitive email. But other times, if the matter is dire, he or she can always call.

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