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Want to increase your earning potential in 2017? Learn these skills.


The Robert Half 2017 Salary Guide for tech professionals was recently released.  In addition to breaking down salary data for jobs in information technology, it also discusses the most in-demand skills and certifications.  This doesn’t necessarily mean people with these skills are the highest paid, but that they will have the easiest time finding a job.  If you want to make yourself more marketable, here are some skills and certifications you should consider.


  • ASP
  • C#
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Associate (CCIA)
  • CompTIA A+
  • Java
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • .NET


Also notable is that employers are increasingly looking for tech pros who possess soft skills as well – making them team players and better leaders.


With overall starting salaries predicted to rise 3.8 percent next year, and 61 percent of CIOs saying it’s challenging to find skilled IT professionals, tech pros with these skills will have strong negotiating power as they search for their next opportunity.


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Which IT Skills are in Highest Demand?


Information technology is one of the hottest industries with the highest demand for skilled workers. But because of the rapidly changing nature of the technology world, the skills needed are also constantly changing. If you’re an IT professional, you’re likely helping drive this change yourself. Either way, you’ll do well to keep up and keep learning throughout your career. Which bodes the question. Which IT skills are currently the most “in demand?”

According to, the following IT skills are in high demand this year.

1. Programming and application development

Software developers are the most sought-after technology workers, and enjoy a low 1.8% unemployment rate. In particular, developers with mobile- and experience-building skills are in especially high demand.

2. Help desk and technical support

A function once outsourced, organizations are bringing it back in-house, thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and web services whose complexities warrant on-call help close to home.

3. Networking

Quite simply, so much of our work is conducted online, and so many products, from smartphones to medical devices, rely on a wireless network, that most businesses require wireless connectivity and the troubleshooting that goes with it.

4. Mobile applications and device management

With mobile gaining on laptops or desktops as the primary means of using the web, it goes without saying mobile developers will continue to be in demand. But beyond mobile development, mobile security is an increasingly crucial piece.

5. Project management

With IT success measured by the success or failure of projects, companies are investing heavily in project managers who communicate with developers about the technology and solutions and leverage business skills to ensure these solutions come to life.

6. Database administration

As part of companies’ big data initiatives, systems analysts, developers, and DBAs are in high demand. “DBAS with experience moving pieces of the IT infrastructure to the cloud will be highly sought after,” says Dice Holdings CEO Scott Melland.

7. Security compliance and governance

With an increase in malware and cyber attacks, security is absolutely a number-one priority for companies. Security expertise shows up on every list of hot IT skills.

8. Business intelligence and analytics

Demand for data-driven insights is high, yet analytics expertise is scarce, so these professionals are sought after and can command high salaries.

 Hottest of the Hot

In an article in IT Business Edge, national IT practice manager at Addison Group, Jeff Remis, stressed that data analytics and transaction security are the hottest areas in IT.

  • Big data is exploding, and companies are investing heavily in how they capture, store, analyze, protect, and utilize data. Business intelligence developers, analysts, report writers, and people in the data warehouse arena play a big role.
  • With costly security breaches like the Target breach, companies aren’t holding back when it comes to investing in intrusion detection.

It’s Not All About Tech Skills

Of two equally skilled (technically speaking) IT professionals, which is the most desirable for a hiring company? The person with the ability to collaborate and the ability to communicate with business users. Soft skills are important. In fact, in a rapidly changing world of technology, they may be the one constant.

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